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Consolidate All Your Communications

Consolidate Your Phone, Internet, Wireless & Messaging

Consolidate your phone and internet systems, improve your customer service and save money. Perivue Networks can help you to get great financing so you can upgrade your technology without increasing your overhead costs. Once you’ve securely consolidated your phones, internet and messaging systems your employees will be able to interact from the office and remotely more efficiently with your customers, your vendors and each other.
Watch how Cisco Small Business Network Keeps Magic Johnson Connected

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Gain a Strategic Advantage

Improve Overall Efficiency
Cisco solutions will help collaboration between your employees, customers and partners. Wireless connectivity will allow all of your devices to communicate anywhere in your building.
Control Your Costs
Boost productivity and efficiency while also reducing overhead costs from conferencing services, telephone fees and wiring costs while we help finance your upgrade.
Provide a Superior Customer Response
Your customers will reach the right people the first time with an automated attendant. Voicemail and voicemail email notifications will make sure your employees get the message to multiple devices.
Get the Competitive Edge on Your Competition
By connecting customers faster and more efficiently, you’ll provide your customers more agile access to data and people to provide a differentiated customer service experience.

Connect to the World

Cisco Products Connect Your Business to the World
Perivue Networks will work with you to find the solution that fits your business’ unique needs. Cisco Small Business solutions are tailored to help your business be more profitable and productive by giving you a competitive edge over your competition. Cisco is the recognized leader in networking and communications, their custom Small Business solutions will provide you with the edge you need now and as your company grows.

Secure Your Business

Keep Your Company Data Secured
Upgrade to a Cisco Unified Communication solution for Small Business and discover how Cisco network and physical security products work together to ensure your assets and information stay safe. Perivue Networks will show you how you can easily manage your company’s security with an all-in-one solution that combines firewall, VPN access, protection against email and web threats, and intrusion prevention in a single device.

Communicate and Collaborate

Get the Right People the Right Data at the Right Time
By streamlining communications through an all-in-one solution you can collaborate more effectively with voice, video and data consolidated in a single piece of technology. Using virtually any device on any network, you’ll be able to securely collaborate from anywhere in the world. You’ll gain the competitive advantage you need over the competition by making decisions faster, building consensus quicker, and speeding up your time to market.
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